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car insurance for an 18 year old – Everything You Should know

Finding cheapest car insurance for an 18 year old for male or female can be an exhaustive task. The average auto insurance premiums for 18 year old teen drivers are more than regular insurance policy. While male drivers tend to pay more than female drivers. And the premiums could vary state wise too. However, there could be some ways to save money on an 18 year old driver’s auto insurance policy. It is important that you know them as that can help you to save hundreds. NoDownCarInsurance can assist you to learn the techniques.
Determine Your Eligibility to Get the car insurance for an 18 year old male

  • Good student discount – You can accrue more savings if you are a college student who has consistently maintained good GPA
  • Defensive driver discount – Get additional discount on premium if you have successfully passed out a driver’s education course.
  • Sign contract with parents – Obtain extra premium discount by signing contract with parents for driving limited number of miles annually.

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How Much Is Car Insurance For An 18 Year Old Male or Female? – 4 Factors That Affect Premium


Driver’s age

As you are an 18 year old licensed driver, you have less driving experience and so, the insurance rates will be high


Driving record

With little or no previous driving history, you are likely to be charged the highest premium rates for getting your car insured.


Traffic offenses

If you have already got involved in multiple traffic violations then you can expect to pay more for your auto insurance coverage.


Your state laws

Every state prescribes drivers to buy minimum liability coverage for 3rd party bodily injuries/property damages and these costs can greatly vary.

5 Simple Steps To Get car insurance for 18 year old college student

There are certain things that you can do on your own for increasing your chances of qualifying for cheap car insurance for 18 year old male/female driver. Here is some vital information relating to the same that will be useful.

  • Drive a safe car

    Cars with numerous safety features such as anti-theft alarm, side airbags, anti-lock brakes, etc. qualify for a special premium discount.

  • Get good grades

    Cheaper car insurance for an 18 year old male or female driver is easier to get if you have maintained good grades in your academics consistently.

  • Parents’ coverage

    Get name added to parent’s existing auto insurance policy. You might not need to buy separate cover.

  • Take driver’s education

    Get enrolled for a defensive driver’s training course and qualify for a special discount on premium.

  • Keep driving slate clean

    You have to be a responsible driver when on road and obey traffic rules to win your insurance provider’s confidence.


Shop Online to Find the Best cheap car insurance for 18 year old male

Extensive shopping can help you to get better car insurance rate for 18 year old driver. Companies use several factors for calculating premium such as your age, gender, driving experience, type and make of car that is to be insured, etc. You can compare coverage levels, available discounts and pricing for arriving at an informed decision on auto insurance coverage.

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Buying Car Insurance For A car insurance for 18 male or female- What You Must Know

As a parent, if you are planning to get car insurance policy for 18 year old by getting his/her name added on your existing policy, it is crucial that you that your teen is licensed and has some driving experience. This is because driving habits of teen drivers can have direct impact your auto insurance rates in near future.

Easy Quick Tips For Finding car insurance quotes 18 year old male

You should be looking to save additional dollars on your premium. The following tips might enable you to reduce best car insurance for 18 year old drivers or male driver.

    • 01.

      Park your car at proper place – Where car is parked at night is important to insurers. Make sure you park it in a garage as it will ensure safety.

    • 02.

      Don’t file unnecessary claims – You can spend money on your own for small damages caused to your car. Filing of too many claims can affect no claims bonus on your car insurance at renewal

    • 03.

      Opt for a telematics car policy – You can obtain discounted auto insurance coverage for 18 year old driver if you buy “black box” cover.

    • 04.

      Add experienced driver’s name – It is possible to accrue extra savings by listing an experienced driver’s name to your car policy while you continue to remain the primary driver.

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