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See How Easily You Can Get Cheap Car Insurance Without Driver’s License

Having a valid driver’s license? Got no license? Little need to worry! We can still help you to get car coverage at an affordable premium. Take advantage of our nationwide specialist services to find a low-cost auto insurance policy regardless of whether you have a driver’s license or not.

Our experts can assist you to get auto insurance without drivers’ license if you have:

  • Drivers license issued by your state or by other country.
  • No drivers license, Temporary or learner drivers license.
  • Suspended drivers license due to DUI or DWI conviction.
  • State IDs and SR-22 certification

Will Suspension Of Driver’s License Affect Car Insurance Premium Rates?There could be varied reasons for which driver’s license may get suspended but depending on the gravity of offenses, premium rates will vary. Besides, hike in premiums is almost certainty.
Can I Get Car Insurance If I Don’t Have Driver’s License?It is bit difficult but the reason can make is possible to get car insurance cover. Like if you are a recent immigrant who does not have valid U.S. driver’s license. We can help you to obtain coverage.
Why Do Insurance Companies Ask Details Of Driver’s License Number?Insurers verify driver’s information by using license number and accordingly, decide whether car coverage can be granted to driver or not. License numbers also enable insurers to cut down on frauds as well as simplify application processing and claims settlements.


There are certain situations in which you can think of getting auto insurance with no license as under:

Have Personal Driver

If you are an elderly or disabled person who can’t drive car and needs a personal driver to take you in car to various destinations.


License Is Suspended

You can buy car insurance policy even if your driver’s license has been suspended for whatsoever reason. But you will have to give proper explanation.


A Judgement Order

You are caught driving car without valid driver’s license and judge has passed order against you to get license at the earliest for driving car.


Improve Driving Record

Prior to renewing car insurance policy, you may need to purchase insurance as you intend to improve your driving record that has taken a dig.


  • Insurance Policies For Unlicensed Drivers

    To drive car legally on road, it is mandatory for drivers in the country to buy minimum liability car coverage.

  • Higher Premiums For Suspended License

    Premiums charged for drivers whose license is under suspension will be much higher than those charged for ordinary car covers.

  • Necessary Or Essential Vehicle Coverage

    Some lenders may make it mandatory for borrowers to get coverage for damage caused to cars for providing loan finance.

  • In Case You Have A Learner’s License

    A learner’s license is not a valid driver’s license and in such a situation, you may need to purchase insurance.

  • Consequences Of Driving Without License

    Driving a car without a valid driver’s license is a serious violation of law and the penalties can be huge.



With our cost-free specialist assistance online, you will find it much easier to locate companies that offer affordable auto insurance without license for protecting your car in the event of physical damages suffered during an accident despite your not driving your vehicle or driver’s license being suspended for any reasons.

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Little Known Way to Getting No Driver License Car Insurance

Still finding it difficult to get car insurance without driver’s license? Well, you can think of getting a primary driver added to your car’s insurance policy. However, just ensure that any kind of personal conflicts do not arise later on.


While it is possible to get auto insurance without a license, you need to have some idea about the process. Besides, solutions may vary depending on different types of scenarios. Here is some vital information relating to the same which you might find extremely useful during your overall effort to find a solution that fits your specific needs and budget. There could be some peculiar situations in which you may be required to buy auto insurance without driver’s license. These could be as mentioned below:

    • 01.

      You have become too old and not in a position to drive your car.

    • 02.

      You have some kind of disability that prevents you from driving car.

    • 03.

      Your drivers license has been suspended or revoked for any reason.

    • 04.

      You are an elderly or disabled person who owns a car and require a personal driver to drive it legally.

    • 05.

      Your driver’s license is under suspension for whatsoever reason, you might be required to buy car insurance no license needed.

    • 06.

      You are a driver who has been caught for driving car without license and court has ordered you to get license, coverage will be necessary.

Last but not the least, you can consider getting auto insurance for unlicensed drivers for registration purpose even if you own car but not going to drive it.

Reason To Buy Car Insurance Without Driver’s License

In certain peculiar situations, buying full coverage auto insurance without driver’s license could be a necessity. Below mentioned are some important reasons highlighting the same.

  • You are yet to get driver’s license – Majority of the states provide provisional driver’s license to learner drivers who are in the process of getting valid license. But still, as a learner driver you must have valid insurance coverage as per law. In such a situation, you may have to buy an unlicensed driver’s car insurance policy.
  • You are having some health issues – In case, you have some physical or cognitive disability buy own a car then you may need another person to drive you to different destinations. But the other person requires valid coverage for driving legally on road. If so is your situation you can get car insurance but no license.
  • You need services of personal driver – If you are an elderly person, who owns a car, you may need to engage services of a personal driver as your reflexes could be weak due to growing age. In such circumstances, you can think of purchasing cheap auto insurance without driver’s license policy and secure comprehensive financial protection.
  • Driver’s license has been suspended – You may have to consider buying temporary or short term coverage if your driver’s license has been put under suspension because of your being convicted for DUI/DWI or some serious traffic violation. Car insurance without a license can fill the gap while you file for SR-22 certification for license reinstatement.

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What To Do When You’re Hit By An Unlicensed Driver?

Accidents can happen at any time. It could either be your fault or somebody else’s. This does not mean that you have to be unprepared. There are many steps you need to take, whether you’re hit by a licensed or unlicensed driver.

  • Call The Police & Emergency Hotlines

    You should first notify the authorities immediately and let them know of the accident. Notify them about the location and severity as well.

  • Start Taking Pictures

    While they’re arriving at the scene, use your smartphone to take pictures of the damage to your car. Make sure to take photos of the perpetrator’s license plate and the driver.

  • Possible Witnesses

    Note down the contact information of nearby witnesses who are eager to help you.

  • Seek Medical Attention

    Don’t forget to get medical care if you’re hurt in the accident. Finally, note down the contact info of the other driver and file a police report accordingly.