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A non owner’s auto insurance policy is a car coverage that provides financial protection to a driver who is not the actual owner of the vehicle which he is driving. The premium charged for such car covers can depend on a variety of factors that include driver’s residence location, past driving record and type of coverage that is being chosen.

Most of the insurers will offer you non-owner auto insurance if you meet the below mentioned basic requirements.

  • You must have valid driver’s licence.
  • You must not be owner of a vehicle.
  • No one in your household must own car.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A car insurance cover offers financial protection to drivers in different situations. To get answers for your questions, talk to a competent local expert today!

5 Vital Guidelines For Finding The Best Non Owner Car Insurance Coverage

Research options

Getting cheaper auto insurance without owning a car can be expensive and so it could be better if you explore some other alternatives as well.

Researching costs

Depending on how frequently you will be driving a borrowed or leased car, you must compare several policy options to identify the right one for you.

Examine coverage

When comparing various car insurance for non-owners options online, it may be vital for you to examine coverage that works best for your specific situation.

Research coverage

Inquire with insurers whether non-owner vehicle insurance includes liability damages for another person’s car or property. Normally, such policies do not offer type of coverage.

Assigned risk coverage plans

Such types of non owners’ car insurance covers are basically highly subsidized coverage offered by insurance providers to buyers who can’t afford buying car covers.

Explore Your Reasons For Buying A Cheap Non Owner Car Insurance Cover

Buying non owned auto insurance policy could be one of your most viable alternatives if:

  • You are trying to get your driver’s license reinstated post DUI or DWI conviction so that it meets state’s requirements.

  • You get cars on lease frequently, most of the rental companies do not have them covered as per state laws.

  • You have joined a vehicle sharing service that has car covered with only basic liability coverage that is part of rental charges.

  • You borrow car from relative or friend to go out for some work and you want to get adequate coverage.

  • You have sold your car and are yet to buy new one but in between you need to borrow or lease one.

non owner car insurance policy
Best Non Owner Auto Insurance Policy Quotes From NoDownCarInsurance

Get and compare the best free non ownership car insurance quotes for finding the right insurer for your specific needs and budget. Act to save lot of time, energy and money during your effort today by availing a free consultation!

non owner car insurance cost Learn How To Buy Non Owner Car Insurance Online Faster And Easier Now

For buying the cheapest non owner car insurance cover online, all you need is your driver’s license number and a credit card. You can receive proof for insurance within minutes of paying premium. Insurer chosen will file for SR-22 certification.

5 Major Benefits Of Getting Non Owner Car Insurance Quote Through Us

  • Offers complete financial protection to the occasional driver if he gets into an at-fault accident involving borrowed or leased car.
  • Such a prerogative can be your best option to prevent lapse in car coverage at the time of policy renewal.
  • Provides total financial protection to driver who gets car on rent from a rental company over and above liability cover.
  • If you have valid driver’s license then it is advisable to get non-owner car insurance as extra cover if you are living in urban area.
  • Getting a non-owner car policy can be desirable options if you are borrowing car from friend or relative to go cross-country.

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