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One Day Car Insurance With Lower Monthly Premium Online

A car insurance for one day cover is a coverage which is applicable for short period of 24 hours. You can think of buying car coverage for a single day if you are considering borrowing a car from a friend or relative for a day’s time to go out for some work. But you need to determine the type and extent of coverage you will need as that will influence premium rates which will be charged by insurers. It is possible to get full car insurance coverage for one day but extensive shopping will be required to find the best quote.

Why to Insure A Car For One Day?

There could be several reasons for which you can consider purchasing 1 day car insurance coverage some of which could be as are mentioned below.

  • To go on a short trip by borrowing car from a friend
  • Borrow car for shifting your belongings to a new house
  • You want to visit your family or friend
  • Removing cobwebs from your vintage car
  • Collecting or transporting furniture items
  • Taking test drive or there is an unforeseen emergency

Can I get my car insured for just a single day?Yes, it is perfectly possible to get your car insured for one day. You can explore numerous options on one day vehicle insurance coverage, shop and select the right option.
What you will need to get Cheap Car Insurance For a Day? Car insurance for 1 day providers need details of your car and valid driver’s license as well as name of any other person to be added for processing auto insurance request.
Where to find cheap car insurance 1 day?NoDownCarInsurance is the right place to begin your search for affordable car insurance for one day in USA. We can assist you in securing the right type of coverage at right price.

Situations In Which Car Insurance For A Day Is The Best Option


In An Emergency

Emergency situations can arise any time and you may need to borrow a car from friend or relative for a single day but need insurance.


Taking A SORN Vehicle For An MOT

You may need to buy an otherwise SORN vehicle that you own, which you need to drive for MOT appointment, because it is off road.


Insurance To Tax A Car

Short term one day cover can be purchased if you want to pay road tax of your owned vehicle at the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Test Driving A New Car

Most drivers take test drive for new cars prior to purchasing them and having a one day vehicle insurance may be worthwhile in such situations.

Important things to know in order to get One Day Auto Insurance

  • Adding a New Driver Temporarily

    Most of the regular auto insurance policies cover names of listed drivers from household but for adding new driver to policy for single day, 1 day vehicle insurance is sensible.

  • Safeguarding against Claims or Different Risks

    Student drivers may lend cars to colleagues for a day and it could be better if they get them insured with one day vehicle insurance.

  • Placing a Car in Storage

    It is advisable to have your car insured for a day’s time even if you are going to store it otherwise your state’s DMV might cancel the car’s registration altogether.

  • Driving a Temporary Rental Car

    Another major reason for which you may need to buy one day car coverage is when you are getting a vehicle on rent from a rental company for some work.


How Exactly One Day Insurance For Car Works?

There are plenty of options available in the market for getting cars insured for a single day. You can buy a policy of this type depending on your specific driving needs and requirements. But the level of premium charged will depend on a number of factors like age, gender, driving history, etc.

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Is It Really Worth Buying 1 Day Car Insurance Cover?

Many people might undermine the importance of getting car insurance even for a single day. At times, things can go terribly wrong if the borrowed or leased vehicle meets with an accident. Bodily injuries and property damages can lead to huge amount of financial losses if driven by unlisted drivers.

Benefits Of Buying Cheap Car Insurance For 1 Day

If you 1 day auto insurance then there could be number of vital advantages which you can accrue.

    • 01.

      There will be no effect on no claims bonus associated with existing car policy.

    • 02.

      Driver will be paid legal expenses should he get involved in accident where is not in fault.

    • 03.

      Emergency car coverage will begin in as less as 15 minutes after driver has paid premium.

    • 04.

      Cars used for business purposes can also be covered under contents of such policies.

    • 05.

      Premium charged for one day vehicle insurance coverage is low and easily sustainable.

    • 06.

      Driver can enjoy peace of mind without having to worry about finances when on road.

    • 07.

      One day car coverage is ideal for drivers who drive cars occasionally by borrowing one from friends or relatives for work.

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